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    • Product Name: Waste heat power generation valve
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    To ensure the life of high-temperature flapper valve concrete measures in the final analysis is: structure - materials - process - to ensure a four-step process of grasp

    1, the kiln system in normal working condition, the airflow is not very stable, causing the valve plate shaking, collision. Remedy: Install the tracking seal of the valve plate; when the valve plate is inserted

         Deviated from the center line 20mm, easy to reduce the valve plate leakage and vibration; valve plate with wind chute, reducing wear and tear, conducive to sealing.

    2, to reduce the harmful substances in the hot air erosion, increase temperature, anti-erosion. Measures: reduce the metal exposed in the valve surface to increase the protective layer of castable; select the tertiary air

         Tube valve plate material for ultra-fine high-purity mullite and a small amount of corundum based castable.

    3, the overall structure of the valve plate design is very important. Valve plate material and structure: the valve plate with 0Cr25Ni20Si2 heat-resistant steel welded into a network structure; according to the metal and castable

         Thermal expansion coefficient, determine the thickness of spray materials, reasonable arrangements for the density of palladium nails and castable protective layer thickness.

    4, pouring site and the casting plant is different

       1) the size of the various parts of the valve can not be grasped in the field casting, because our company can accurately cast the size of each part of the valve with the model,

         When the valve plate due to thermal expansion can not afford to die, off the case of death.

       2) pouring can not grasp the castable material to join the water (especially the valve body), the scene requires a good castable fluidity, so adding water must exceed the standard,

         Too much water caused by loose material after casting, hardness decreases, so intolerant erosion. Water caused by excessive physical water increases, the crystallization of water to reach a certain temperature after the volatile

         Destroying the structure between the castable, resulting in valve body affect the quality of soft body. Within the company can be strictly controlled water pouring and mixing time, transport distance (usually a dozen seconds to transport in place). Cast mold control when the factory properly, the body of the physical moisture has sufficient time to volatilize.

    5, sealing control: the shell has a sliding plate inside the valve plate, when the valve plate is closed by the wind pressure, the valve plate and shell contact surface tightness increases, the valve does not leak

         The role of wind. External with a tracking seal, play a positive pressure when the hot air does not overflow, negative pressure does not enter the role of air conditioning

    6, the force control: I selected the company's gate valve selection drive a larger torque, lifting force to reach more than 8 tons, not only to overcome the weight of the valve plate itself, but also overcome

         Friction caused by wind pressure. Coefficients are selected in more than 1.5.

    Contrast of high - temperature flapper valve driven traction

    First, the drawback of the traditional traction device:

    Reducer wire rope drum or reducer chain drive are soft connection drive, close the valve plate in case of accidental stuck or pipe fouling drive can not get feedback,

    Thereby continuing to cause the signal transmission error, reverse movement, damage to equipment and other hazards.

    I use the company rack and pinion traction device

    First of all, encountered a valve plate accidentally jammed in addition to the weight of the valve plate and produce more than 1.5 plate gravity equivalent to the thrust of 2.5 times the valve plate gravity to promote the valve plate, making the valve plate can Shun

    Lee closed. Second, when the pipe fouling serious, the valve plate is not in place, the actuator starts over torque protection. The design is rugged and durable, while avoiding traditional traction

    The serious consequences of the home.

    Second, the drive:

    Traditional high temperature valve reducer + roller + displacement sensor drive mode, the drawback is

    1, the drive traction for the soft connection, can not correctly locate the valve plate position;

    2, displacement sensors are mostly resistive, low sensitivity, short service life;

    3, can only provide the output signal, not two-way control, operation trouble.

    I use the brake with a multi-turn large torque actuator, precise positioning valve plate position, input and output 4-20mA, through the control room control, controllable operation, operation

    For convenience.

    Third, why the factory to lay a good castable?

    1, castable casting pouring foam type, to ensure the accuracy of the various parts of the size.

    2, the company playing poured material can be a good control of water, making the valve part of the casting is not loose, do not fall off, anti-erosion, high wear resistance.

    3, because the valve casting materials and valves are manufactured by the Company completed, will not appear because the valve does not close, not open the phenomenon of shirking responsibility. Valve if there are all problems

    By the Company.

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