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    • Product Name: ZSQ car bulk machine
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    I.the specifications and technical performance:

    Specifications: 350/600 400 / 700mm Feeding tube diameter: 350mm, 400mm

    Dust tube diameter: 600mm, 700mm capacity: 200t / h; maximum 250t / h

    ZSQ car bulk machine for bulk cement or other similar powdery material loading.

    ZSQ automobile bulk machine is mainly composed of rack, loading head, material surface indicating mechanism, loose strong switch and small hoisting machine etc, and the frame is welding structure. ; Loading head mainly by the retractable internal and external hoses, pipe racks and funnel and other components. Inside the hose for cutting, the outer hose for dust collection. The material surface indication mechanism is composed of the blower micro pressure controller and the hose as the control head. Song strong switch from the trip switch and fixed to the pole on the cam and other components. Winder is a small low-speed pulley ratio of 1: 1, in its internal set four stroke switch, by adjusting the block disk block, you can easily and flexibly high-speed winch out of the strong length, that is, control the head of the lifting distance. Winder with advanced disc brake motor, with the characteristics of small size. In addition, the machine has two dust collection port.

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