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    • Product Name: Cement clinker car bulk machine
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    I.the technical performance:

    Loading and unloading capacity: 200

    Telescopic device lifting speed: 8.6m / min

    Telescopic device to reduce the maximum stroke: 2000mm

    Winder Motor Model: JE33.250

    Power: 5.5kw

    Level Meter Type: FTM30 solid tuning fork limit switch

    Dust collection ventilation: Each dust collector port is 3000m3 / h


    II.the structure outlined and working principle:

    Cement clinker car bulk machine is divided into the library side clinker car bulk machine and the bottom of the clinker car bulk machine.

    The bulk machine is used for loading and unloading cement clinker from the clinker bottom to the automobile bulk machine. The charging process is completely automatic operation. The working efficiency is high, the dust collecting effect is good, and the dust pollution is eliminated when charging. This machine is mainly composed of rod gates, fan-shaped electric gates, cutting material, racks, hoists, dust collection hoses, level gauge and telescopic devices.

    Rod gate is mainly used to adjust the amount of feed and equipment maintenance, fan-shaped electric gate to feed clinker from the silo blanking, and fan-shaped electric gate flanges and blanking flange with sealing plate, the frame from the support The entire weight of the action roller and the retracting mechanism acts on the frame. The hoisting machine mainly controls the lifting and lowering of the telescopic device, and the three hoisting machines are arranged with three line program switching blocks. The three stroke switches control the rotation, self-locking and power reversing of the reel, Six sleeves and dust cover, sealing plate composition, non-working state when the sleeve overlap; telescopic device down to the lowest position of the state, that is, working condition. The sixth sleeve is connected with the dust cover by bolts, and the dust cover and the sealing plate are fixed with bolts. Two dust collecting pipes are arranged on the dustproof cover and are connected with the dust collection hose, Fixed with a hoop.


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