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    • Product Name: PPDC type bag filter
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    The Basic Structure of PPDC Series Air Box Pulse Bag Dust Collector


    1. Main structure of air bag pulse bag filter The main body consists of four parts: box, bag room, ash bucket and air inlet. It is equipped with pillars, ladder, railings, air system, cleaning controller. .


    (1) box


    The box is mainly used for fixing the bag filter bag and the air circuit components, and is made into the totally enclosed form. When the dust is cleaned, the compressed air enters the box first and half into the inside of the filter bag. The top of the box made of 1.5 to do the slope, when used in the outdoors to prevent water, the top also has access hole repair door, installation and replacement of the bag cage, filter bag all here, very convenient, according to the different specifications, And is divided into a number of rooms, each separated by steel plate, each airtight to achieve off-line (off-line) cleaning, each room is equipped with a poppet valve to filter off the smoke flow.


    (2) bag room bag room in the lower part of the box, mainly used to accommodate the bag cage and filter bag, and the formation of a filtering space, mainly in the purification of flue gas here, with the same box, according to the different specifications are also divided into several A room, and separated with partitions to prevent dust in the room between the mutual interference, while the formation of a certain settlement space.


    (3) hopper


        The ash bucket is arranged in the lower part of the baghouse, and it is used as the intake manifold in addition to the collected dust. When the dust-laden gas enters the baghouse, it will enter the hopper. As the hopper bucket has a large volume , So that the air velocity decreases, coupled with the direction of air flow changes, so that coarse dust particles here to be separated, ash bucket arranged within the screw conveyor or air chute and other transportation equipment, exports also equipped with rotary unloader or turn Plate valve and other lock wind equipment, continuous ash discharge.


    (4) out of the outlet


    The air inlet and outlet are divided into two types according to the structure of the dust collector. The air inlet of the 32 series is cylindrical type, welded directly to the side plate of the hopper, and the lower part of the air box is arranged on the side of the box. And the inside of the box, and other series of inlet and outlet made of one, arranged in the side of the bag room, box and hopper between the middle separated by an oblique partition into the airtight two parts, respectively, for the inlet and outlet Although the volume of this structure is bigger, but the air distribution is uniform, the ash bucket pre-dusting effect is good, suitable for flue gas dust concentration of large occasions.

    1, shell 2, poppet 3, railings 4, ladder 5, compressed air piping system


    6, column 7, hopper 8, star feeder 9, the anchor bolts

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