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    • Product Name: SD series of bag filter
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    Taking SD32 - Ⅱ Bag Dust Collector as an Example

    Technical performance:

    1, processing air volume ≤ 3000 m3 / h

    2, the gas blast <120 ℃

    3, gas dust concentration <100 g / m3 (superscript)

    4, purification gas dust concentration ≤ 50 mg / m3 (superscript)

    5, the total filter area of 32 m2

    6, the filter resistance 1450 ~ 1771 pa

    7, dust collector to withstand negative pressure 3000 pa

    8, compressed air consumption 0.2 m3 (superscript) min

    Pressure 5-7) × 105Pa

     Bag filter design is divided into internal and external filter filter type two. Filter bag filter with internal filter, the dust gas into the filter bag through the filter into the inside of the filter bag, bagging method using sub-room off-line anti-blowing bag bag cleaning, the principle is more complicated, burned Into a large impact on the operation of the process. When using external filter bag filter to filter, the dust-laden gas enters the filter bag outside through the filter inlet to filter the outside of the filter bag. The outside of the filter bag is sucked by this airflow, so it must be supported by skeleton cage. . Cleaning method using pulse cleaning.

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