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    • Product Name: Cyclone dust collector
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    1, the wind pipe 2, the flange 3, cyclone 4, bearing 5, expansion joints 6, hopper 7, φ300 star feeder

    Technical performance

      1, dealing with air volume 100000 ~ 110000m3 / h 6, φ300 star feeder

      2, the gas temperature of 300 ℃ (instantaneous 450 ℃) rated output: 20m3 / h

      3, the pressure loss <740pa planetary cycloid reducer:

      4, the diameter of the filter 2-φ1880mm Model: XLD1.1-4-1 / 47

      5, the device weight 8244kg Voltage: 380V

    Cyclone dust collector composition and internal air cyclone dust collector is a class of dust devices. In addition to sink mechanism is to make dust-laden air flow for rotary movement, by means of centrifugal force dust particles from the air separation and capture in the wall, and then by gravity to dust particles fall into the hopper. Cyclone dust collector in 1885 began to use, has developed into a variety of types. According to its flow into the way, can be divided into tangential access and axial into the two categories. In the same pressure loss, the latter can deal with the gas is about 3 times the former, and the air flow distribution. General Cyclone from simplified, cone and into the exhaust pipe and other components. Cyclone dust collector is simple, easy to manufacture, installation and maintenance management, equipment investment and operating costs are low, has been widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from the air, or from the liquid separation of solid particles. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5 to 2,500 times the gravity, so the efficiency of the cyclone is significantly higher than that of the gravity settling chamber. And most of them are used to remove particles of 0.3 m or more. The parallel cyclone dust collector also has a dust removal efficiency of 80 to 85% for 3 m particles. Selection of high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance and clothing special metal or ceramic materials constructed cyclone, can be at temperatures up to 1000 ℃, the pressure of 500 × 105Pa under the conditions of operation. From the technical and economic aspects of the cyclone dust collector pressure loss control range is generally 500 ~ 2000Pa.

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