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    • Product Name: MDC type bag filter
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    ① fan ② cylinder ③ pressure relief valve ④ gas pipe ⑤ double flap valve

    In the design and manufacture of bag filter, the draft tube design and manufacture of the proposed strict technical requirements to determine the nozzle mouth to the mouth of the filter bag ideal distance is an important measure to ensure that the cleaning effect. Different diameters of the diversion tube, the blowing mouth and the filter bag mouth distance is not the same. The diameters of the diversion tube have certain influence on the cleaning effect, such as the diameter is too small, the compressed air can not be ejected from the guide tube smoothly, resulting in "suffocation", causing intense vibration of the injection pipe, over time, Leading to diversion tube tilt. The jetting angle is also very important. When the spray angle is between 2 ° and 14 °, the bag mouth is subject to the concentrated vibration load and the bag loss is serious. When the spray angle is more than 15 °, the whole filter bag has little or no Pulse cleaning gas source, cleaning effect is much lower than the normal working conditions, so that dust collector resistance remains high.

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