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    • Product Name: SJ Biaxial Humidifier
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    SJ type two-axis mixer is an efficient equipment for mixing powder materials by spraying water. It is mainly used in the dust collector of thermal power plant, and can also be used in chemical, metallurgical, mining, building materials and other industries. The humidity requirement can be verified by controlling the amount of water added. Two groups of helical blades were used for stirring. The mixing effect is high and the area is small. Helical blades are made of special alloy or composite ceramics with high wear resistance and long service life. The two-axle mixer is driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer, with smooth rotation. Low noise. The two-axle mixer feeds from the top and discharges from the bottom with reasonable structure. The sealing between the combinations is tight and the operation is smooth. Double-axle mixer roommate humidifying sprinkler system ensures uniform sprinkler and adjusts water supply to meet the needs. The manual oil pump is used to centralize lubricating grease for four transmission bearings, which is convenient for the use and maintenance of the equipment and has the characteristics of saving time.

    2. Main technical parameters and outline dimension table

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