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    • Product Name: LS Type general screw conveyor
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    1, the three cold technology: shell cold simmer, cold-drawn leaves, flange cold-rolled, for which the overall strength, wear-resistant degree.


    2, sealed: the former bearing outside the box; rear bearing cancel, reduce the trouble of replacement.

    3, hanging bearings:

    First of all, the screw conveyor is China's current transport powder is more mature, low-tech equipment, one can say that transport machinery manufacturing can do, its level in the middle between, in order to

    A place in this industry, it must be a breakthrough in technology. Over the past few years through our continuous efforts to put ideas on the key parts of equipment to improve, to think; the use of screw conveyor

    Life is the key to its hanging bearings, so we boldly improved the hanging bearing material and structure. Features are as follows:

    A, bearing and intermediate shaft using high-density wear-resistant alloy steel, structure split, eliminating material waste, increase material throughput, no fuel, neglect management.

    B, intermediate shaft connection between the "plug-in" connection, play a "direction section" role: when the intermediate shaft and bearing wear, the effect is even more obvious, to avoid the hard connection (flange connection)

    Of the screw rooting and crashing sound.

    Specification and Parameters of LS Type Screw Conveyor

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