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    • Product Name: Air Slide
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    I. Overview
      Air transport chute (hereinafter referred to as the chute) is widely used in conveying dry powdery material pneumatic conveying equipment in the cement industry is often used to transport cement and raw meal, chute is made of a number of ordinary thin steel plate system Into the slot and other accessories with bolted together. The upper and lower shells are sandwiched with a breathable layer, and the whole of the inclined groove is inclined at an angle with the horizontal.
          The main component of the chute is the breathable layer. The flexible thick plate type synthetic fiber fabric used in the design of this series is a new type of breathable layer which has high temperature resistance (up to 150 ℃), corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low hygroscopicity, Light weight, smooth surface, long life and other advantages. Breathable layer without on-site installation, each tank assembly by the manufacturer, the scene can be docked together, thus reducing the installation workload, but also to ensure quality.
    II. performance
    1, conveying materials: dry powder material.
    2, the delivery volume:
    The transport volume of the chute is affected by many factors and often varies greatly. According to the theoretical calculation, comprehensive reference of domestic and international reference materials and field investigation, the following values are recommended for reference when the slope is 6%.

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