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    • Product Name: Pressure screw conveyor
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    Brief Introduction of Pressure Screw Conveyor

    Pressure screw conveyor is the Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute first cited the Swedish technology combined with the characteristics of the use of domestic equipment designed; with transmission, lock the wind and other characteristics, for the following special equipment separator; has a good lock wind function And sealing effect; simple structure, easy to use.

    At present, a series of equipment has been formed: (Φ300 × 1.25, Φ340 × 1.3, Φ400 × 1.5, Φ500 × 1.5, Φ630 × 1.5) Among them, Φ340 × 1.3 (drawing: YY501.0) is the most commonly used.

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