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    • Product Name: DSZ dust humidification mixer
    • Shelf time: 2019-9-19
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    I. Overview:

    DSZ Series Vibration Dust Humidifier is a new generation of advanced dust humidifier in our company after DS Series Humidifier. It adds vibration system on the basis of DS series, which not only has the advantages of DS series humidifier, but also overcomes the problem that viscous dust is easy to form cylinder wall bonding. It improves the adaptability of humidifier and enlarges the application scope of humidifier.

    2. Structural characteristics and working principle:

    DSZ type humidifying mixer is composed of four parts: uniform feeding, blade feeding, mixed impact humidifying and vibration system. It is equipped with electric control and water supply system. The machine is fixed on a bracket as a whole. The cylinder is supported by four groups of elastic elements. Vibration is applied by exciting device to make the cylinder vibrate at high frequency during operation. The clearance between the cylinder wall and the stirring shaft is always maintained, the resistance of the whole machine is greatly reduced, the phenomenon of stuffing and stalling is completely eliminated, the cleaning time of shutdown is reduced, and the working efficiency is improved.

    3. Connection schematic

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